Our Story


Welcome to Benefair! Benefair is a movement inspired by the desire to create opportunities for others and empower the next generation of social thinkers to create positive social change. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and learn about Benefair.

The two of us first met in high school back in 2008, and became fast friends largely through our shared appreciation for getting involved in our community. Along with a great group of friends, we organized Little Hearts Big Dreams, an annual benefit concert for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation in Edmonton, Alberta. We quickly realized that it wasn't just a concert. It grew into a philanthropic movement led by our generation as we came together for an important social cause. We saw the difference that passionate young people can make, and the good that can be done when people work together. These principles have motivated us ever since and are the foundation that we built Benefair upon.

After graduating from the University of Alberta in June 2015, we decided to use our skills to create opportunities for others to show how grateful we are for the opportunities we have been given.  We wanted to do this by building a community of philanthropy.

This is how Benefair began. Benefair provides consumers with the opportunity to create impacts - both big and small - in the world by connecting incredible companies with amazing social missions with socially conscious consumers. In addition, we work to create opportunities for youth in our city, with a focus on providing funding and scholarships for university students to initiate their own social impacts.

We hope that Benefair will inspire you to affect positive social change in your communities and show you how small impacts, such as buying a socially conscious product, can make a difference. This journey continues to inspire us every day, and we are honoured to share this experience with you!

With much love,

Karen & Julia
Co-Founders of Benefair