by Carissa Tham March 24, 2016

At Benefair, nothing excites us more than finding unique brands that create beautiful products that fulfill our social responsibility goals. This week, we’re launching a new collection of journals and notecards from Flora Stationery, a not-for-profit organization that champions female empowerment and education.

Flora’s products feature original artwork from students in Kosovo to support a scholarship fund for young women pursuing a college education in Eastern Europe. Flora’s mission is to create a sustainable source of funding to support young women in need of assistance to attend a university in their home country. Flora distributes a portion of the profits from every sale to support young women for an entire semester of college tuition.

The story behind Flora started when one of its co-founders, Ashley, was in Kosovo for a study-abroad trip. While Ashley was in Kosovo, she met inspiring young woman who struggled for a college education due to reasons she could not control.

This inspired Ashley to found Flora Stationery with her twin sister, Victoria, in order to create a sustainable solution for funding access to higher education for young women in developing countries.

The work that goes on behind Flora Stationery helps answer a pressing issue surrounding poverty in our world today. It is widely known that education is an important key to ending poverty cycles in communities. In particular, girls’ education is a major and effective way to eradicate poverty, as explained in these articles.

UNESCO's Education for All Global Monitoring Report team has recently released new evidence that proves that education is the key for girls and young women to have the freedom to make decisions to improve their lives. Education empowers women and young girls by increasing their chances of getting jobs, staying healthy and lifting themselves and their children out of the poverty cycle.

Imagine this: 1 in 3 girls in the developing world are married before 18. This means that girls in the the developing world are likely to have kids in their early- to mid-teens. However, families in the developing world are unable to provide proper healthcare, food and education to their children, which enables the poverty cycle continue and get passed on to their children.

Education can empower these girls to have more control over their life choices — by empowering them with the knowledge that they can have a say in their own lives, giving them the confidence to speak up for their rights, and to demand the opportunity to continue their studies.

According to this report by UNICEF, if educated girls become mothers they are much more likely to send their children to school, thereby passing on and multiplying benefits both for themselves and society in a positive, intergenerational effect.

Flora’s primary goal is to provide scholarships to young women in Kosovo to attend college at the University of Prishtina. Beginning this year, they aim to launch different programs to help support their scholarship recipients further their education.

Currently, Flora supports young women in Kosovo by providing them with bus fares and English classes to help support their education goals.

To sum up Flora’s mission statement — Flora does not believe in merely rescuing women from poverty. Rather, they empower them with an education while enabling the consumer to be a part of this inspiring process of funding futures.

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Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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