by Carissa Tham December 04, 2015

Happy Friday everyone!

We hope you had a good week, whether you were at school, working, or doing errands. Remember to always take time for yourself, which can be simple as taking a nap, brewing some tea, working out, or spending time with your friends. A little self can go a long way and can help you be more present when you’re in the company of loved ones.

This week, we launched our greeting card collection featuring the talented work of Sarah Kim! We don’t have a favourite style because we love all the cards! Our pack of 6 greeting cards, which include 2 of every style, will be enough to give you a little taste of each of the three unique designs!

Have you started on Christmas shopping? What do you enjoy the most during this holiday season? For me, I love getting together with family and friends and making memories. I also love taking the time to write out Christmas cards for my family and friends!! It’s a time when we can express how much we appreciate and love them. We hope that these cards help you do just that.

Hope you all could enjoy this warm and jolly month!!

With much love,


Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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