by Carissa Tham December 01, 2015

This Tuesday, we want to talk about something that’s not as much an issue as it is an opportunity. It’s the opportunity to inspire and motivate today’s youth to get involved in social causes, and to bring to life their innovative ideas for the greater good. This theme runs deep within the roots of Benefair and is one of the major motivators for the work that we do.

Benefair was inspired by the influence we’ve seen young people have in the community. For those of you that know Karen and I, you may be familiar with the story behind Little Hearts Big Dreams, an annual benefit concert for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in Edmonton, AB. Karen thought of the idea in high school, and quickly surrounded herself with a kind and motivated group of friends that wanted to make a difference. I also got involved, and the concert was the first time we were able to experience the impacts that a group of youth can have when they join together for the greater good, when we saw it raise thousands of dollars for the Foundation. We have both been involved in various community initiatives since high school, and every time we get to work with other youth, we are inspired by their ideas, drive, and passion for creating change.

That’s why one of the major projects for Benefair is to create opportunities for young people. We want to help give other youth like us the funding, resources, mentorship, and support that will help them make meaningful differences in their communities. We’ve noticed that more and more youth care about social causes, have the time to dedicate to social projects, and have innovative ideas on how we can all make this world a better place, and we think there is huge potential in young minds that is waiting to be unlocked. We want to help curate this potential and encourage youth to pursue their own social initiatives.

Each of us have the ability to make a huge difference, especially if we join together to create change. In as many words, that’s what Benefair is looking to do, and we hope you’re along for this journey. Together, we know that we can make a really positive difference in our community and, hopefully, all over the world. 

What kind of change do you want to see in the world? How do you think that you can be a part of this change?

Yours truly,


Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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