by Carissa Tham November 06, 2015

Holla! It’s that time of the week when we pick our Favourite Friday product from our Brand of the Week. As cliched as it sounds, we can’t believe it’s already Friday but who’s complaining? TGIF!
Earlier this week, you read about Benefair’s Issue of the Week where we spoke about the realities of the hunger problem around the world, and how hunger affects children especially. Most of you know it’s an issue, but are you aware of the many ways you can join the fight against hunger? Our Brand of the Week HALF UNITED embodies how little everyday acts can make an impact on hungry children in need. For every product purchased from HALF UNITED, 7 meals are provided to these children.
At Benefair, we aim to change the way you shop, and to create a community of philanthropy around socially conscious fashion. When you shop at Benefair, not only are you able to buy beautiful products that satisfy your fashion needs, but the act of shopping becomes meaningful too—you know you are doing your part to impact the community at the same time. By wearing Fighting Hunger Necklace, not only are you spreading awareness about the fight against hunger, you are also helping to feed 7 children in need.
In addition, we love the Fighting Hunger Necklace because of its simplicity and versatility—it adds an effortless oomph to any outfit! These handmade bullet necklaces can spice up muted Winter colours—as seen above on our lovely model Lillian.
Which HALF UNITED product is your favourite? Let us know!
With love,

Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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