Brand of the Week: HALF UNITED

by Carissa Tham November 05, 2015


HALF UNITED was one of the first brands that caught our eye for many reasons. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on this spectacular company.

HALF UNITED creates jewelry that is as stunning as it is unique. Their iconic Fighting Hunger necklaces are made of recycled bullet casings that signify the “fight” against hunger, which is at the core of their company. They are taking a traditionally negative symbol and turning it into a positive icon that builds up lives instead of destroying them.


These recycled bullet casings are more than just a symbol. HALF UNITED’s motto is “fashion that feeds”—HALF UNITED donates half of their profits from every product purchased to provide 7 meals to a child in need! They also strategically partner with not-for-profit organizations that empower, educate, and inspire the children, families, and communities they feed.

HALF UNITED focuses their efforts on four countries at the moment: Haiti, Fiji, Cambodia, and the USA. They fight hunger in their home country, America, by volunteering at the food bank, helping to create community gardens, and educating children and young adults on the importance of healthy eating. In Fiji, their efforts go towards feeding projects at the “NCTC” primary school that teach children how to raise chickens, plant gardens, care for beehives, and prepare food. In Cambodia—one of the most impoverished countries in Southeast Asia—they work with the EAI orphanage in Phnom, Penh Cambodia to educate children and widows on health and finances. In Haiti, they partner with “Papillon Enterprise”, which provides parents with sustainable, fair employment that helps them feed their families, provide them with skill-building opportunities, and strengthen the local economy. To date, HALF UNITED has provided over 80,000 meals to children in need across four different continents and impacted countless lives.

By purchasing a piece of HALF UNITED jewelry from Benefair, you are helping provide seven meals for a hungry child and supporting global efforts to improve food supply in impoverished nations. We love what they do and hope that you do too!


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Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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