Issue of the Week: Hunger

by Carissa Tham November 03, 2015


Hello! This week we tackle the issue of hunger, the cause behind our Brand of the Week, Half United (read more about Half United from our blog this Thursday). The social issue of hunger often brings to mind gaunt, malnourished children in war-torn countries or disaster-stricken areas. While these situations result in severe food emergencies, and should never be dismissed or viewed as less important, there are many examples of hunger that occurs closer to home—severe food emergencies affect less than 8% of hunger victims.

The United Nations World Food Programme calls this form of hunger “daily undernourishment”—the less visible form of hunger that affects many more people all over the world, including the very city or town you live in. For people who suffer from daily undernourishment, due to circumstances like poverty, they receive significantly less than the daily recommended caloric intake. This lack of energy slows down the body’s overall health and performance including mental, physical and emotional.

Hungry children are especially vulnerable as their bodies are too weak to fight common diseases and may die from everyday infections like diarrhea. According to World Food Programme, each year, almost 7 million children die before the age of 5, and malnutrition contributes to a third of these deaths, making it a key factor in child mortality.

Hunger is a global issue and no country is immune to it. Thankfully, there are many organizations around the world who dedicate much time and effort to ending world hunger. Half United is one of them. Find out more about how purchasing a Half United product can contribute to the fight against hunger this Thursday when we introduce Half United as our brand of the week, and the wonderful work they do.


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Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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